Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wifi Mannequins – A New Trend of This Era

If you are associated with fashion retail business then you might be aware of mannequins and their importance for a great display window. These are the basic supplies for any fashion retail store, especially in clothing store, shoe shop or other fashion accessories store. These human looking dummies are used to display different types of clothing and other fashion items and then the mannequins are placed at display window so customers can view the products being displayed on mannequins. Nowadays mannequins are very popular in retail fashion industry around the world. People use different creative mannequins in different fashion shows, concerts and other events where they need to display their fashion products in a presentable way.

With the advancement of technology, shops are also going tech oriented. Fashion store owners use different tech oriented catalogs, displays and advance mirrors to make their customer’s shopping experience quick, hassle free and unforgettable. So they are also shifting from simple traditional mannequins to tech mannequins which are also called wifi mannequins or talking mannequins.

These wifi mannequins are actually simple mannequin with an add-on of a wifi beacon which spreads wifi signals. Whenever a potential customer with a mobile and beacon-enabled app passes through the mannequin, he receives a product alert on his smart phone. This alert notification contains all the info about products, their pricing, and features so that if the customer is interested In those products then he don’t have to ask shop staff about the prices or specs of the item. This procedure helped to speed up purchasing process from customer’s end.

Talking mannequins are also a great way to attract more customers towards your store because whenever a customer receives notification of product on his smart phone, he is actually being engaged and motivated to buy the product being displayed on a mannequin. This notification also leaves a remember able experience about your shop in the customers' mind.

According to surveys, wifi mannequins have proven growth in sales and customers visits at different clothing and shoe stores in different states of USA. These mannequins can be a bit expensive than other traditional mannequins however the features being offered with them worth extra cost.

If you are thinking of buying a collection of mannequins for your new shop or just want to upgrade your current mannequin collection then you must consider wifi mannequins. You can also buy articulated mannequin, abstract mannequins or dress forms with wifi feature. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Website maintenance in Chandigarh: Basic parameters to follow when selecting website development professional

It has become more than important for every organization to have a well-developed and properly maintained website. Rather, the website is termed to be a crucial marketing tool that is required by every type of organization and something that cannot be ignored or neglected. Now, web development and website maintenance in Chandigarh is possible, since there have emerged numerous reputed developers. The professionals can help their clients by providing top quality services to develop functional websites and maintain them.

Making the right choice

Since there are readily available numerous web developers in the market claiming to offer variety of services, it can be a difficult task to select the best one. But with some tips and suggestions from the industry professionals, the selection process can become an easy one. During the selection process, the entrepreneur needs to focus upon variety of things, so as to make the right choice. There are some parameters that are to be followed, some of which are given below.

Follow the given parameters

The selection of the reputed web developers can be made a better one if the given below parameters are strictly followed.
·      Portfolio: The knowledgeable and experienced web developers are likely to have a carefully crafted portfolio. It should very clearly display what they are worth to the potential clients. The professionals also should be experienced enough to manage the different project types successfully.
·         Samples: The web development firm should provide adequate samples of their past work to their potential clients. This way, the entrepreneur can get to know more about the kind of work done by the professionals. It also helps him to make the right opinion, get a proper outlook about the business and create a better impression with regards to the service quality rendered by the agency.
·        Understand the business: It is crucial to have better business sense. The web development professionals are to understand better and clearly their client’s business. Only then will they be in a position to suggest the right user interface and web design. It is only an attractive design that can be found to be appealing to the online clients and establish that mental bond and relationship.

Other things to consider

·     Cost effectiveness: It is without doubt that a good quality website is termed to be a great, long term investment. During the initial stages, it is likely to cost some money, but prove to be more than beneficial in many ways in the long run. The professional service provider is likely to advise the entrepreneur to have a dynamic design, keeping in mind the business future aspects.
·         Client reference: Business requirements are likely to vary from one organization to the other. However, past performances and quality of services rendered by the professionals can be known from their past clients. Hence, discussing with the past clients of the agency is sure to help the entrepreneur to know more about the professionals and their reliability to undertake the project.
Following the fundamental parameters can help select the right professional web development agency

Friday, 5 May 2017

Everything you need to know about an IPO

Distinctive trait of a Bull market is issuance of IPOs by several companies. When markets are upbeat companies line up with their initial public offerings. Here’s everything that an investor needs to know about an IPO.  

So, what is an IPO?
When shares of a particular company are offered to the public at large for very first time it is called Initial Public Offering. It is the very first time when shares of a particular company are getting listed on the stock exchanges.
IPO market is called as “Primary Market” and market where buying & selling in these shares happen after they get listed is called “Secondary Market.”

   Firstly, why does a company come out with an IPO?
  • To raise money from investors.
  • They use this money usually to fund their future expansion or sometimes to pay off their old borrowings.
  • Apart from this, getting listed brings a lot of prestige to the company because not  all  companies are capable  of coming out  with an  IPO and  getting  listed  on the stock exchange.
  • In addition to this, it helps existing shareholders to identify true value of their shares that they are holding. Because now true value of the shares will be decided by millions of investors who will be trading in this stock once it gets listed.
Why do investors invest in IPO?
Investors who invest in an IPO believe that the price at which they are offered the shares now in the IPO  is much less than the price  that will  prevail  once the  shares get listed  on the  Stock Exchange i.e  they are looking for an opportunity to make listing gains.

The IPO process & the “Red Herring Prospectus”.
  1. On deciding to come out with an IPO, the issuing company first appoints “Book Running Lead Managers.” They help the company – in getting approval from SEBI, promoting and Marketing the  IPO and finally getting shares listed.
Once book running lead managers are appointed, they along with the company file the draft offer document with SEBI for its approval

Draft offer document basically contains information about the company, about the promoters, the shareholders, the business of the company, the financials of the company, information about the risk involved in investing in the IPO etc. So, it has all the information that an investor is looking for before deciding whether to invest in the IPO.

If SEBI is satisfied with the draft offer document then it will give its approval, otherwise it will ask the issuer company to revise its draft offer document and company will have to revise and reapply for approval with SEBI. Once draft offer document gets approval of SEBI, it is then called as “Offer Document” . Offer document is then sent to registrars and stock exchanges.

Registrars are the agencies that do the back office work for the IPO, like collecting the forms, collecting the bids from the investors, allocating the shares etc.
Once the Offer document gets cleared by the exchange, the company adds “Issue size & Price per share” in the offer document. The offer document now becomes a “ Red herring prospectus” and is available to the public which they can go through before investing. As mentioned earlier it contains all the information that an investor looks for to decide whether to invest in the IPO.

The main difference between the offer document and the red herring prospectus is that the red herring prospectus consists of the issue size and the price of the IPO which is absent in case of offer document.

Issue size is basically the amount of money that company is planning to raise from the market through the IPO.

Based on the pricing there are 2 types of IPO:
  1. Fixed price IPO: Where the offer price is “fixed”, and known to the investor before applying.
  1. Book Built Issue: Here a fixed price is not given rather instead of giving you a fixed price they give you a price range. The logic being that these shares have never been traded earlier so the company does not know the exact price at which investors will be willing to buy the shares. The investors then have to place their bids within this price range and based on the bids received final offer price is determined.
It is important to note that retail investors (i.e investors applying for less than Rs 2,00,000) have an option to apply at “Cut Off Price”. If they select “Cut Off” option price in their application form, it means that whatever is the final price arrived by book built option, they are willing to buy the shares at that price.

Out of the total shares on offer in book built issue, around 50% is reserved for QIBs (Qualified Institutional Bidders) like Banks, Foreign Institutional Investors, Mutual Funds etc who are registered with SEBI and who apply in large quantities.

Within the QIB category there are some investors called the “anchor Investors” . These are qualified institutional investors who apply for shares of value of Rs 10Cr or more and who are allowed to invest in the IPO before the IPO hits the market.

Why are anchor investors allowed to invest in the IPO before it hits the market? – because they build confidence to retail investors who are planning to invest in the IPO. Because when investors see that anchor investors have invested heavily in the IPO it gives them confidence to apply in the IPO.

Apart from this around 35% is reserved for retail investors i.e investors who apply for Rs 2,00,000 or less and balance 15% is reserved for other non-institutional bidders which includes NRIs, companies, trusts, High Net Worth individuals etc. who apply for more than Rs 2,00,000 of shares.

Meaning & Implication of IPO getting oversubscribed:
Over subscription means that the demand for shares in the IPO is much more than the number of shares that are on offer.

This implies that now the company cannot issue to you all the shares that you have applied. In fact there are chances that you might not get a single share if the issue is oversubscribed heavily because company allots shares based on lottery system in case of over subscription.

To ensure you get at least some shares it is important to understand that as only 15% is reserved for individuals in non-retail category where as 35% is reserved in retail category, there are chances of higher allocation of shares in retail category if the issue is heavily oversubscribed. So, it makes sense that you apply in retail category if the issue is very popular and chances of over subscription are very high

Also if the issue is very popular and is expected to be heavily oversubscribed, its best to apply for the minimum lot because even if you apply for more lots then there is little chance that you will get more than 1 lot and your money will be blocked unnecessarily

Also it helps to apply in IPO through ASBA as application money shall be debited from the bank account only if your application is selected for allotment after the basis of allotment is finalized

So what is ASBA?
ASBA means “Application Supported by Blocked Amount”
Here the amount for which you have made the application gets blocked in your account first but only that amount of money gets deducted from your account that corresponds to the shares that are allotted to you.  So the advantage is that you continue to receive interest on your application money till the time it is blocked and you don’t have to bother about the refunds if shares are not allotted to you or only few shares out of the total applied are allotted to you.

Few timelines:
  • A Book built issue, is usually open for subscription for 3 – 7 working days
  • It takes around 6 to 7 working days post subscription for the stock to get listed on the exchange.

  • SEBI however is trying to reduce this time further so that the investors are not exposed to market volatility because when you apply for the IPO the market scenario may be good but the time it gets listed, suddenly there may some news which may affect the overall market and thereby affect the listing price of these stock. Therefore, to reduce the exposure to market volatility the time form when you subscribe to the time shares get listed, must be reduced as much as possible. 

Friday, 28 April 2017

Exploring the Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

If you are having a business enterprise, and trying to implement marketing strategies on the Internet, then the issue that is foremost in your head is how to make people look at you. Making your website visible is the most important SEO strategy that you need to explore.

Now that you have come across the term SEO, let’s try to understand what exactly is meant by SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a strategy that helps you keep towards the top-most positions in the site – listings when you search the Google for a particular keyword.

Keyword and Keyword Density in your Web Content

So, this is the next important term – keyword. The keyword or key phrase is a word or group of words that is the basic thing searched by the search engine. So, keywords should be subtly hidden in your web-content. The keyword density, or the number of times the keyword should be mentioned in the write – up, is a variable factor, and varies from website to website, or from search to search. Whatever the SEO experts imply, the magic of keywords would keep on changing with the change in the algorithm of the Google Search Engine.

SEO and Ranking of the WebPage on Google

However, most of the experts in the field of SEO believe that search engine optimisation is all about improving your website ranking on Google, thus making your merchandise more visible and attractive. This will draw prospective clients to your site, who can then get converted to your customers.

For this to happen, you need to have superbly developed web-content. You have to remember that searching on Google begins with a set of words only. The latest Google algorithm now makes the search robots not only to look for mere words, but also to check whether or not your site is relevant to the search. There must not be ambiguity in meanings of keywords.

Making it to the top 5 and staying there is difficult. But with the right SEO services in Jaipur a steady nourishing is done to the website, with new content development all the way, keyword selection and keyword density maintained properly.

How to Get Your Brand Recognised and Showcased on the Internet

SEO material is, in reality same as your marketing or advertisement material. The content itself should be good enough to make the website visible and would automatically draw people to browse through your merchandise. There are other ways to draw heads towards your website. Engage your prospective clients in discussions about the business, or offer them opportunities to speak their hearts about the products. They are sure to love your website and keep on visiting it.

Keep SEO in Your Overall Marketing Plan

This will help you draw your budget taking into consideration the fact that SEO is only a part of your marketing strategy. SEO can be different for different websites, with experts nurturing varying ideas about the concepts. So, their implantation also varies as also the results of SEO in Jaipur.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Top 6 Best Data Recovery Software for Android

The Contemporary Android devices such as smartphones, tablets and Pads have enough memory to store stuff such as messages, notes, contacts, wallpapers, graphics and videos. But sometime it may possible that you may lose data from your cellphone device. Then how you will manage to regain all the lost data from the smartphone device? There are some following mention top data recovery android software which will help you out to get back all of your lost data.

1.    Wonder share Data Recovery:
The Wondershare data recovery software is one of the finest data software to restore data from all android smartphone devices. The user can easily get back all the lost data such as photos, contact details, videos, messages, music files, important PDF files, Whatsapp history and many other things like that. The software initially stores all the lost data, and then restores the data within the android device. the user just have to make a click and then he/she will be able to get back all the lost data from your device. The Android recovery manager takes no time to recovering data procedure. It will regain all your lost data from your android phone.

2.    Data Recovery through Google Store:    
The greatest data recovery software Thorley examines your cell phone device. It will empower you to trace your all contacts, multimedia files, also check your data status and will create the complete copy of your lost data and restore it within your android mobile phone gadget. The data recovery software response you rapidly and no matter at what place you are, when you have sent the command to restore your particular data through your phone. Through this application, you can get back all of your data from your SD card or SIM card.

3.    MyJad Android Data Recovery:
The MYJad Android data recovery tool enable you to restore your lost songs, images, multimedia files, videos, documents and another sort of stuff which is stored with in your mobile’s memory or within your mobile’s SD card of your Android phone. It has the power to scan, check, trace and then get back. You just need to make three clicks and you will be able to recover all of your lost data from your mobile phone.

4.    Undelete Beta Data Recovery:
The Undelete Beta Data Recovery software allow you to recover all the lost stuff which includes messages, videos, emails, audios, photos, downloaded stuff and every information within your device. You just need click on the particular app and need to pinpoint where the app needs to perform its function. Then the app will make a list of all lost or deleted files along with the genuine path.

5.    Gutensoft Software:
This particular software is one of the most popular data recovery software in general public. It helps you to get back all of your lost data from your android phone or tablet within the single click. You just need to download the app on your particular PC and then connect your mobile phone with your personal computer. Now it is time to run the application. It allows you to do scanning in order to find out your lost data within your Android cell phone such as contact details, messages, emails, files, videos as well as audios. After that, it will restore all the data within your device.
6.    DDR Software for Data Recovery:
The smartphones have a lot of memory to store stuff such as lots of music files, contacts, graphic files, instant messages, emails and many other things within the phone. Sometimes due to some inconvenience user lost all the data. So, in this situation, DDR software is the best option to recover your all the precious data from your android device. It requires only just one click and it starts searching the device and after little time all the lost files added again within the android phone.

Your searching file can easily optimize through the options such as video, deep, basic, signature and photo searches at very before the process of restoring. Every single tool will help you out your lost data from your mobile device. You just need select and download one of these applications on your PC. Attach your phone to the computer and just follow the displayed key steps. Ultimately the job is done.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Promote Business Through Digital Marketing

In this technical era, everyone has started their own business. It does not matter either you have small products or large products; it is just that you have to earn more and more revenue. For making more benefits, it is necessary that you should promote your business products and services so that many people will get knowledge about your business. Promoting your products through paper ads and television ads is much more difficult and expensive, one of cheapest way is to create webpage for your business and update it time to time.

You cannot create your webpage by your own and for this you must hire web designer. Various digital marketing companies have best and experienced team of web page designer for you. San Jose Web Designer Company is one of best and famous web designer company who has huge experience in creating business promotion web pages. You will get webpage from here which has less traffic and visitor may visit it often. With web page development, you may also get other services here like SEO, web design, email marketing, social media management and logo design. If you are interested in any digital marketing company, you must check their previous work that they will able to fulfill your requirement or not.

Before making your final decision for any web designer company, you must also check their privacy policy so that no problem will be in future and you will get effective and best webpage according to your need. Huge number of Web Design San Francisco Companies provides webpage with effective cost and time so that you can earn more and more. Each and every digital company has one main dream that they want more customers so they can convert all business ideas into business strategies. Website Design San Francisco Company also has reviews on its official webpage and you can check them.

Every owner wants his business on top in industry and for this; you must have effective and active webpage so that you can reach your customers immediately when they need you. Webpage is one of easiest medium for this purpose. Choose web designer that will also guide you through all process and take all responsibilities. Mobile friendly web pages are too much in demand and Web Development San Jose will provide this facility for your webpage. They have designed web page with this feature because every user check webpage on their mobile phone.

Monday, 17 April 2017

High End SEO Service in the UK

It is the goal of every business owner to outmatch his rivals. In this digital age, you must be aware that your competitors are taking advantage of wonderful approaches to promulgate their services and also to outmatch you. If you are serious in becoming the best, you must leverage the best platform and that is what SEO Cycle has got to offer you today. Your business success is of great importance here and that is why you must leverage this service.
There are lots of competitions in the UK internet market today. The UK has the largest internet market today and thus businesses face lots of competitions with each other. To stand shoulder high above others simply means applying the best approach. Without doubt, SEO Cycle renders the best SEO Service UK and offers to you amazing perks and benefits. Leveraging this service simply means taking a step further above your competitors and thus tremendous business success follows.
Starting from the design of your website to its optimization in the most used search engines which include Google, Yahoo and Bing, SEO Cycle offers to you the most amazing services. This company is made up of 114 seasoned professionals with many years of experiences in this industry. Some of the professionals have well over six years of experiences in this field and you will truly need these experiences to the success of your business.
SEO London and SEO for other parts of the UK are effectively rendered here in order for your website to appear and maintain its position in the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines. These professionals leverage the best and most effective approaches when it comes to Search engine optimization to get the job done. White hat SEO approaches are applied by the professionals and thus you do not have to worry about being penalized by the search engine.
This is also the best solution for link building in the UK. Here, quality links are built for you in order to effectively promulgate your website. The link can be built to a celebrity site or a highly optimized site to assure you the best result. The professionals also specialize in other services such as website development, website designing, web application development, mobile application development in different mobile platforms and lots more other IT services.
It is really interesting to note that the  SEO Service UK offered to you here though of high quality, is given at the most affordable price. It is the aim of SEO Cycle to offer to you economic SEO for your utmost satisfaction. The professionals here listen to you attentively in order to identify everything you need in your business and thus proffer and implement the right solution. If you want to really achieve a significant return on your investment, this is the right way to go. The service will also help you convert web visitors into trusted and reliable clients or customers by implementing top notch approaches.

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