Saturday, 7 January 2017

How to Remove Malware from Your Computer?

In this age of rampant cyber attacks, the antivirus software is an absolute necessity. The anti-virus software are designed to keep your PC safe by real-time monitoring, scans and even heuristic analysis of the files, so as to mitigate the threats. However, your PC never becomes foolproof, even with antivirus software. You must always avoid the third-party download sites in order to save your system from becoming a prey to these nasty viruses. There are chances that the details of your cloud data saved on your system might get compromised due to these malware.

If you are sure that your PC is infected by a malware, then take the following steps, almost immediately to ensure that it’s free from malware and virus.

Procedures to Remove Malware

Follow the below-mentioned solutions for removing malware from your laptop or system:

1. Update of your Antivirus program: If there is no antivirus software installed in your PC and then just installs a new one. The antivirus software need to be updated with virus definitions. Systems having out of date anti-virus software are always at the risk of getting infected. The fixes and the problems are solved while running the deep scans during the update of the anti-virus. Along with the antivirus, a secure firewall must be running on all your PCs. If the malware is good at its work, then it even deactivates the antivirus software. 

2. Cutting the Internet: If someone is remotely accessing your PC, it is advisable that you unplug you PC, turn off the Wi-Fi and the router too. Get to the infected PC with a USB Flash Drive. A CD is used for booting the computer, which runs an anti-malware utility. An ISO or IMF file burner utility can also be used. 

3. Portable Antivirus Helps: When everything fails and you are unable to install the antivirus software, then it means that the operating system that is infected and you may need to get around the OS and start using the antivirus. Direct installation is to be avoided with the portable apps, residing on the USB drive. A deeper scan is run on the hard drive is run using a third party PC. A rescue CD image is found, in order to burn from the antivirus vendors.    

There is specialized software like Spybot that target the malware. It is very aggressive and may even cause collateral damages. Some of the legitimate programs may also be removed during scanning. However, the risk is worthwhile compared to the reformatting of the hard disk and the re-installation of the operating system. An image of the clean OS install is used for the purpose of restoration. Enhance your security and be careful. 

4. Reverting To the Old or The Safe: System Restore points in the Windows will be used for resetting the system - a program destroys the Malware from the processes. If this is not working, then it means that Windows is restarted without the malware. Use the Windows Safe Mode for restarting the PC. Hold down the Shift Key in Windows 8 or 10 during the booting sequence. 

The temp files are the places, where the Malware resides. The temp files need to be deleted. Type Disk Cleanup at the Start Menu in Windows and find what can be safely deleted among all the temp files. Finally run the Antivirus on-demand scanner. 

These are some of the ways with the help of which, you can remove malware from your system.

Friday, 6 January 2017

HTC 10 Evo Vs OnePlus 3t – Two Phones, One Decision

HTC was once loved in India and had a huge market, but these days they are clearly lagging behind. Their phones are very expensive, and they don’t use newer hardware. OnePlus 3T is the biggest competitor of HTC bolt also known by HTC 10 EVO. Let’s check out which one should you choose.

Design and Display:

HTC 10 EVO has a large 5.5-inch display with the dimensions of 153.50 x 77.30 x 8.00 mm. HTC 10 EVO is slightly heavier than OnePlus 3T and weighs 174 grams. It also resembles its cousin HTC 10 in appearance and is made of aluminium metal.This device feels quite premium in the hands and is available in two colours-Gunmetal and Glacier Silver. HTC BOLT is splash resistant which is lacking in OnePlus 3T.
HTC BOLT sports a very sharp 2K display with a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and a pixel density of 534 ppi. It flaunts Super LCD 3 with 2.5D Gorilla Glass 5.

On the other hand, OnePlus 3T also has a same 5.5-inch display with dimensions of 152.70 x 74.70 x 7.35, which is slightly lesser than HTC BOLT. It weighs 158 grams and resembles its predecessors OnePlus 3. Similar to BOLT, it is also made up of Aluminium metal and feels premium in the hand. You can flaunt both the devices in front of your iPhone friends. It is also available in two colours- Gunmetal and Soft Gold.

OnePlus 3T sports a sharp Full High Definition display with screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and a pixel density of 401 ppi. It has an Optic AMOLED display protected with Gorilla Glass 4. Although the resolution of HTC BOLT is better than that of OnePlus 3T, you won’t feel much of a difference in real life. 

Talking about physical appearance, HTC BOLT has a physical button below the display, which acts as a fingerprint sensor as well. There are two capacitive keys with back key on the right side and recent apps on the left side. Moving towards the left side, there are no buttons but two trays, one for SIM card and other for microSD card. Also, this phone is a single SIM device. The right side of the phone has a power button and volume rocker. HTC BOLT doesn’t support a 3.5mm headphone, and therefore, the jack is missing. You have to use USB headphones.

OnePlus 3T, on the other hand, does have a physical button, but it doesn’t work as a button, rather recognizes a tap gesture similar to all OnePlus phones. This key also acts as a fingerprint scanner and is blazing fast. There is no branding on the front side of the phone for either of the devices. On the left side, lie the volume buttons and alert slider which is an interesting feature of OnePlus 3T. This alert slider is missing in HTC BOLT. On the right side, lies the power key and dual SIM tray. This phone doesn’t support the expandable memory card, but it supports 3.5mm headphone,and the jack is located at the bottom of the device, next to USB Type C port.


Performance wise OnePlus 3T clearly beats HTC 10 EVO with massive 6 RAM.  HTC 10 EVO has 3 GB RAM and uses older processor Snapdragon 810 chipset whereas OnePlus 3T uses faster and newer Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Processor. OnePlus 3T uses Quad Core 2.35 GHz, Dual Core processor and HTC 10 EVO uses Octa Core 2 GHz, Quad Core processor.  Even in graphics, OnePlus 3T is ahead of HTC 10 EVO (Adreno 430) with Adreno 530 GPU.


HTC 10 EVO runs on the latest Android Nougat (7.0) with its own HTC Sense UI on top. OnePlus 3T runs on older Android Marshmallow with its latest Oxygen 3.5.3 on top 

Camera and Storage:

Both the devices have similar rear camera configurations with 16 MP rear camera and Optical Image Stabilization. Both have an aperture of 2.0 F and are good for low lighting conditions.  Again, both the devices have the same image resolution of 4616 * 3464 pixels.

Selfie or front camera is the area where there is a huge difference. HTC 10 EVO has an 8MP front camera with an aperture of 2.4f whereas OnePlus 3T has 16MP front camera with an aperture of 2.0f. But both phones offer decent selfies in low lit conditions.

HTC BOLT has an internal storage of 32 GB, which is expandable up to massive 2TB. Unlike HTC BOLT, OnePlus 3T has an internal storage of 64 GB which is not expandable. 

Battery and Connectivity:

Both the devices have almost similar battery configurations with OnePlus 3T slightly ahead of HTC. OnePlus 3T has 3400mAH battery and HTC BOLT has 3200mAH battery. None of the devices has a user-replaceable battery.

HTC 10 EVO is a single SIM(4G) device, unlike OnePlus 3T which is a dual SIM device (4G+4G).Both the devices have NFC.

The Verdict:

While the HTC 10 EVO is a nice premium phone, it is very expensive and lacks in performance as compared to OnePlus 3T. 

The expected HTC 10 EVO price in India isRs39,990 in India whereas OnePlus 3T costs Rs29,999. For more details, logon to

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Things You Can Do When Your Internet Is Not Working Efficiently

The internet has become an important part of everyone’s life. Almost all kinds of requirements associate with the internet. People watch videos, get information, book tickets, and do many other things. In fact, many people can’t even imagine their life without the internet. Hence, it is something that you need 24/7. 

However, the services don’t work efficiently all the time. Many different reasons can reduce the efficiency of your internet and separate your life from the world. So, it is important to keep all the devices and the services in check in order to avoid unwanted situations.

Here, in this article, you will find all the necessary things you should do in case of internet disturbance.

1. Check if the package is suitable 

It is wise to reconsidering the telephone internet packages comparison if the internet is not working efficiently. You should see whether the current package offers the required amount of data and speed for your internet needs. This could be the reason why the speed is not coming efficiently. Also, check the number of devices you are using through that plan. Consult with your provider and tell them about the slow internet. They will check the requirements and suggest you the most appropriate package for you. 

2. Adjust the location of the router

Many times, the problem appears due to the position of the router. The distance between the device and the router can affect the speed. Hence, it is advisable that you locate the router near to the device. Or, you can call the service provider to check the routers condition. They will change the positions of the antennas and suggest the right location for the router, so that, you can get the proper speed from anywhere in the house. 

3. Get professionals’ help

If the problem doesn’t get solved by all the above-mentioned techniques, you need to call the professionals. Many providers also help you with the technical support and allow their services 24/7. You can call the experts from the company and ask them to examine the whole system of your house. They will check the condition of the router along with the devices you are using. Many times, it is the device that becomes the cause of the problem. The viruses in your device can slow down the speed of the internet and reduce the efficiency. Hence, the examination of the devices is extremely important. 

So, the professionals can re-establish the whole network for you and give you their valuable tips related to the better use of the internet. Their minor tips can be very helpful for you to ensure the efficient service in your house all the time. 

Finally, it is important to update your plans and packages when you add a new device in your home. Hence, phone bundle compare along with the comparison of other packages related to the devices like TV, smartphone, tablet are important. 

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy efficient internet all the time.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Latest Social media ideas in 2017

I really wanted to share my insights and ideas on search engine optimization via articles, blogs and press releases. Simply publishing it online was not working well but thanks to the idea of marketing it through social media channels, which brought immediate results.

Social media optimization is like growing relations. It involves the use of social media outlets and various communities to increase awareness about any product, any brand, service or any event. It is very similar to search engine optimization where the goal is to generate web traffic and to a site and increase awareness for a website.

The goal of SMO is to smartly create interesting online content, ranging from well-written text to eye-catching digital photos or videos that moivates and entices people to engage with a website and then share this content, via its web link, with their social media contacts and friends. Common examples of social media engagement are "liking and commenting on posts, retweeting, sharing, and promoting content.

Social Media Marketing experts analyze the competitors and your company. Then a  promotion of your products or services is managed via social media. It is done through through channels like Facebook, G+, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, my space and YouTube to increase your online presence.

In today’s world, more and more businesses are reaching new customers through the best social media companies. If you are still thinking of things can be managed then seek help from the experts. The social media marketing companies are ready to guide you through every step and clear your all confusions. People from round the world are using social media platforms for better exchange of information like never before, why should you lack behind? Give your business and its products an international spectrum.

For an amazing outcome, write and produce content which is easily understandable, shareable. It is much more beneficial than increasing your linkability.  A good content is shared well and read most. It can probably be done via social networks.

Sharing via various means…

A content well shared deserves much more appreciation. With new ways and new ideas emerging, limiting yourself to tagging and bookmarking limits your sharing, hence making your circle limited. Sharing with making a short link to your profile, adding a catchy video, making or creating a hashtag for conversation are some the methods. Once you have shareable content, it has to be one-button-easy so people will do it with minimal effort or thinking.
Creating slides and proactively sharing your content via different methods is the thumb rule. Proactively sharing even includes posting your content to social networking profiles or creating profiles on video sharing sites.

Social media marketing companies have a knack of giving amazing social media  marketing services as they have a team of proficient people who truly understand the importance of it. A proper promotion and a recognition of the potential of social media development is what the stalwarts in great companies are doing.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

What To Look For In An SEO Specialist Before You Hire?

Search Engine Optimisation has become a new buzz in the online industry. The techniques and strategies involved in SEO are managed by SEO specialist, who is a person having enough knowledge and understanding about the search engines and related aspects. The SEO specialist has the right expertise and experience to use target keywords and improve your website. There are many names given to the specialist, some of them are SEO Guru, SEO expert, SEO consultant, web marketer, e marketer, online specialist and more. 
There are a lot of factors to be considered before choosing a right SEO specialist so that your business website is visible and your internet ranking is automatically boosted. Let us check out some of the features as below.
  1. The SEO services should focus on long term results which are not just effective but also sustainable. Therefore, choose a person who understands the requirements and search engines in the best manner and who will avoid things which are associated with spam.
  2. The SEO Melbourne you are looking for should take the responsibility of our site entirely and make sure that your site is visible on all the poplar search engines. After hiring the specialist, you need to keep an eye on him or her and check the performance of the site constantly to understand the pros and cons of the work. This will help you in getting the target traffic and will eventually improve the ROI of the business.
  3. The specialist should also be having a good reputation in the online industry along with years of experience in optimising the business sites. You need to check out the work, experience and portfolio of the person before taking him or her for your website work.
  4. There are a lot of new strategies in the SEO Melbourne field, and your specialist needs to use each and every method to offer you maximum benefits. You can ask your specialist about the new and latest methods of SEO he makes use of, and then figure out whether it is right for you or not.
  5. Ranking aspect plays a vital role for SEO company, so ask your specialist if he has knowledge about it or not. You can leave the person if you think he has very less or nil knowledge in the field of search engine optimisation.
How to find a qualified and skilled specialist?
You need to short list some well known specialist from SEO Company, and check the portfolio of each person to figure out which specialist can prove the best man for you. In addition to this, you can even check out the SEO services Melbourne and their related cost estimate, and then make a decision keeping in mind about your requirements. So, what are you thinking about? Go online and start browsing for the specialist and finalise the one who can stand up to your expectations, requirements, cost factor, and other factors.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Things You Need to Know About VoIP Dialer

Voice over IP technology or VOIP has become very successful over the past few years. It might be an older technology in comparison to the new ones but nowadays a number of people prefer to use VoIP rather than connecting with a telephone service. A VoIP connection can prove to be much cost worthy for you. There are a number of things you need to know before opting for a VoIP dialer. Read on the further to know the good and bad of the VOIP technology. You need to keep these things in mind while opting for a VoIP dialer for your business.
1.       It can prove Cost effective for your business- With the advent of wireless VoIP service, you can easily connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot and enjoy your free calling and internet services. These wireless VoIP phones can connect to both Wi-Fi and cellular services depending on what you get access. If you in a wireless zone then you can easily connect to it and make your IP calls as they will only bear the IP service charges which are way less than the cellular charges.
2.       Perfect option for small businesses- There are a huge number of consumer level companies who are a huge fan of the VoIP system. They have all their phones installed on the IP system which are usually run on their wireless connections. This way they do not have to pay extra for internet or calls and the quality is not sacrificed as well.
3.       VoIP is advantageous over wireless LAN- Various businesses like hospitals, schools, hotels, educational institutions and even government holdings require a definite set of communication for their everyday working. They mostly rely on LAN services but now that you have the option of VoIP mobile dialer, it’s more advantageous. It gives you the freedom to move around freely with calling features like caller ID and also provides a great internet connection at no additional costs along with international calling at the lowest rates possible.
4.       Mixing calling and data might not be a good idea- One drawback with VoIP could be that if you avail both calling and data services then you might not be able to get the quality you wished for. Therefore, make sure that you various bandwidths and the lowest cost effective service before you choose what is best for you.
5.       The bitter Pill: You may also face weak signals, signal interference from other devices and degraded voice quality when calling over the wireless router. Make sure that you get in touch with the quality of service so you never miss a call and you get great voice quality always.
VoIP dialer service could be a great option for those who are not willing to spare a lot of their money on cellular services and are looking for multi options. Telepacket is your one stop for all your VoIP needs. It can provide you with one of the best VoIP dialer in the industry which will never let you down.

What You Need to Know About Blogging Websites

Blogging can be one of the most vibrant ways to spread your word, and as a matter of fact it can be used to make money online. All you need is some sort of enthusiasm and writing skill to pen down what you think about a particular topic. Blogging can be done in two ways, either on a free blogging platform or at a self hosted webpage. Right now, there are many blogging websites to make a start and gain some blogging experience.

These blogging websites are also used as marketing platforms by some. A new form of marketing has evolved with the popularity of blogs. This is termed as influencer marketing. A blog can also serve the purpose of an influencer marketing platform for companies and products.

Here are some popular blogging websites available in India

·         Wordpress
·         Blogger
·         Blogmint
·         Indiblogger

Blogmint provides access to some of the top blogs of India. Whether you want to know more about fashion or travel, real estate or food or anything else, this website provides access to the best bloggers of various categories.

Here are few things to know about blogging sites India

Numbers matter

While choosing the blogging sites in India as your marketing platforms check for the number of followers for the blog and the blogger especially on social media. The higher the number, the better is the marketing reach of your product.

Target audience

Social media has billions of people on it. Most of these people follow different types of pages, individuals and groups as per their likes and interests. While choosing an influencer platform you should be sure that it has followers that are a target audience of your product, service or company.

Brand Image

It is important that the influencer has a similar image in the social world as your brand. For example, if you sell baby products and have a tattoo artist promoting it. It definitely does not go well. However, if it a mother promoting it, it does look real. You should have a clear understanding of your brand image and the image that the influencer has in the market.

More the Merrier

Influencer marketing comes with a cost attached to it. However, if your budget permits for you to have more influencers than one, it will definitely be a boon. This way you could even increase your reach and reap better benefits.

Quality over quantity

It is true that more is merrier but not always. In the pretext of increasing the number of influencer platforms, if you choose blogging sites that are not relevant but cheaper that is not going to help. You should always choose quality over quantity.

Keep these tricks in mind and do a good amount of homework before deciding on any influencer marketing platform. If used efficiently, this can increase your sales and credibility with your customers by many folds.

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